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Situated in the recreational area of the town, the Hanna Agri-Sports Complex houses the Hanna Arena and  is located at 501, 3rd Street West.  It is located adjacent to the Hanna Curling Club.  The Arena was constructed in the early 1980’s.  The Hanna Arena is beneficial for hosting larger events, as it shares common services with other facilities, such as the parking lot area in conjunction with the Hanna Community Centre. 

The arena is complete with four large dressing rooms, officials room, a fully modern concession area, spacious lobby and entrance, newly expanded washroom amenities and the large bleacher seating area along the ice surface.   The arena has one regulation ice surface and is utilized for various activities which include:  horse and cattle shows, rodeo, hockey, figure skating, public skating and many other events.  

If you would like to take advantage of any open ice available at the Arena during the winter, please contact any of our Arena Attendants.

During summer activities at the complex make sure to enjoy RCMP Park and the playground facilities located in the same block.

Arena Rates  Arena Rates  


Arena Fees-Winter(effective Oct 2013)
Public Skating Annual Sponsorship 2013


Adults Regular $115 per hour
  Tournaments $95 per hour
  Off Hours $95 per hour
  Non-Local $132 per hour
Minor Hockey Regular $72 per hour
  Off Hours $60 per hour
  Non-Local $98 per hour
Figure Skating Regular $72 per hour
  Off Hours $60 per hour
  Non-Local $98 per hour
Primetime - Monday to Friday, 4pm to 11pm
Primetime - Weekends and Holidays, 8am to 11pm
Concession Booth   $400 per month
* rates are subject to GST    
Arena Fees - Summer (effective Jan 2013) rates are subject to GST)
Non Profit or Youth Associations > 4 hrs. & large event $430 per day


< 4 hrs. & small event $37.00 per hour
  > 4 hrs & small event $215 maximum
Commercial or Adult only events > 4 hrs. & large event $535 per day
  < 4 hrs. & small event $65 per hour
   > 4 hrs. & small event  $270 max
Commercial - Non Local   $960 per day
Lobby Non-Profit No charge
  Other (< 2 hrs) $37 per hour
  Other (> 2 hrs) $130 per day max
Concession Non-Profit $82 per day
  Commercial $135 per day
  Commercial Non Local $270 per day






Ice Logo & Board Advertising  Ice Logo & Board Advertising  
The Town of Hanna is now encouraging advertising within our arena. The following rates were adopted by the Town Council.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to promote yourself and your business, please complete the form called Arena Advertising. The link can be found at the top of this page. Once completed, please submit to the Municipal Secretary at the Town Office.
 Arena Facts  

Info Line: (403) 854-5877
Address: 501, 3rd St West
Artificial Ice Surface: 185' x 85'
Players boxes: 30’ x 6’
Penalty boxes: 6‘ x 6‘
Timekeeper/Clock: 8‘ x 6’ 
* Protective Netting in place. 
Can be raised to accommodate event if required.
Dressing Rooms:  4
* Complete with washrooms and shower facilities.
Average size: 22’ x 15’
Officials Room/First Aid: 10’6” x 16‘ 
* Complete with washrooms and shower facilities.
Lobby/Entrance: 30‘ 8“ x 40‘ 
* Less arena office area and admission booth.
Office & Admission booth: 18’ x 11’

Mens Washroom: 5 Toilets, 5 Urinals
Ladies Washroom: 12 Toilets
* Newly expanded for both men and women.

Fully equipped modern kitchen.

Event Office:
Located within the attached newly expanded outdoor swimming pool facility, but convenient also for winter use. The office will be available for the Hanna Figure Skating Club to use when hosting larger events.

Additional Space: 
The newly constructed Hanna & District Community Swimming Pool facility features a large entrance area, family change rooms and an additional office area that may be available as well

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