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 Hanna Detachment  

The Staff

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment at Hanna, Alberta, currently employs a staff of seven regular members, two auxiliary members, two office staff members, and three on-call guards/matrons. 

The Area

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment at Hanna borders on the detachment areas of six other RCMP detachments.  They are as follows: Brooks, Drumheller, Stettler, Coronation, Consort, and Oyen.

The detachment at Hanna covers an area of approximately 7200 kilometers/square.  The major highway routes that are covered by the detachment include Highway 9, from just west of Craigmyle to Highway 884, east of Youngstown, and Highway 36, from the south intersection of Highway 561 and the north intersection of Highway 586.  Highway 9 is a major transportation route between Calgary and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Highway 36 is a major north/south route serving eastern Alberta from the USA border to Lac La Biche in the north; much of the vehicular traffic on Highway 36 involves the north and south travel to and from Edmonton.  The detachment area includes several secondary highways and side roads, including Highways 862, 561, 884, and 570.

The area covered by the Hanna RCMP detachment includes several towns, villages, and hamlets.  They include, in alphabetical order: Craigmyle, Endiang, Finnegan, Hanna, Pollockville, Richdale, Scappa, Scotfield, Sherness, Stanmore, Sunnynook, Youngstown, and Watts. 

The total  population of the area policed by the detachment is approximately 6000 people.


The members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment at Hanna have a close bond with the people that they serve, and hence the detachment evolves around the practice of community policing.  Members know the community and the community knows its members.  This relationship is fostered by the officers in the detachment embracing and practicing all the core values of the RCMP.: honesty, integrity, professionalism, compassion, accountability, and respect.  The CAPRA problem solving method, taught to all recruits throughout training, is followed by the detachment members constantly and consistently.

The detachment remains quite busy enforcing Criminal Code offences, Controlled Drug and Substances Act offences, and Provincial Statute offences, as well as providing emergency services and assistance to the general public.  Further, with two major highway routes in the detachment area, Hanna RCMP respond to a number of motor vehicle accidents per year.
The detachment is involved in several programs and community groups.  They include Rural Crime Watch, Crimestoppers, D.A.R.E. Program, Lady Beware Program, Halloween Safety Program, Bicycle Safety Rodeo, Kidz Printz, Walk The Talk Program, Infant/Child Seatbelt Safety Program, etcetera.  The members provide detachment tours to kids from schools in the area, as well as to the local girl guides and scouts troops.  The detachment also hosts the annual Hanna RCMP Charity Golf Tournament, as well as the Hanna RCMP Christmas Ball. 
RCMP Mission Statement

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s national police service.  Proud of our traditions and confident in meeting future challenges, we commit to preserve the peace, uphold the law, and provide quality service in partnership with our communities.  

RCMP Core Values

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are guided by six core values:

(1) Honesty
(2) Integrity
(3) Professionalism
(4) Compassion
(5) Accountability
(6) Respect

RCMP Vision

The visions of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are to:

(1) Be a progressive, proactive and innovative organization
(2) Provide the highest quality service through dynamic leadership, education and technology in partnership with the diverse communities we serve.
(3) Be accountable and efficient though shared decision-making.
(4) Ensure a healthy work environment that encourages team building, open communication and mutual respect.
(5) Promote safe communities.
(6) Demonstrate leadership in the pursuit of excellence.  

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