Monday, December 09, 2019
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Health organizations cover a broad range concerned with the body or mind. Hospitals, substance abuse, diseases and disease prevention, and mental health and crisis services all fall into this category.

Alberta Healthy Living Program, Central Zone
351 9 street NW
351 9 Street NW
Contact Person: Erica Laycock, Chronic Condition Health Educator
Phone Number: 403-820-7893
Chronic Condition Client Health
Big Country Primary Care Network Nurse
Box 700
Contact Person: LaWanda McKillop
Phone Number: (403)854-3351
Big Country Primary Care
Caregiver Education & Networking
Contact Person: Liana Berlando
Phone Number: (403)820-7959
Continuing Care Councellor
Hanna Community Health Centre
Box 730
Contact Person: Public Health Nurse
Phone Number: (403)854-5236
Public Health Nursing
Hanna Community Home Care
Box 730
Contact Person: Julliette Haessel
Phone Number: (403)854-5249
Health assistance in your home
Hanna Fitness Center
501 B - 3 Street West
Box 430
Contact Person: Town of Hanna
Phone Number: 403-854-4700
Fitness Center - drop-in, monthly or yearly fees
Hanna Health Care (Hospital)
Box 730
Contact Person: Sandy Rubbelke
Phone Number: (403)854-3331
Hospital Care
Hanna Health Centre Pastoral Care Volunteer Group
Box 730
Contact Person: Bev Warnock
Phone Number: (403)854-4603
Support Group
Hanna Long Term Care
Box 730
Contact Person: Sandy Rubbelke
Phone Number: (403)854-5257
Long term care
Hanna Mental Health Centre
Box 730
Contact Person: Kim Olsen; John-David Malta
Phone Number: (403)854-5276
Mental Health Counselling
Medical Appointment Transportation - "MAT"
Contact Person: Joan Netter
Phone Number: 403-857-9044
Transportation out of town Medical Appointments
Mental Health Help Line
Phone Number: (877)303-2642
Mental Health Help Line
Parkinson Support Group
c/o Box 155
Contact Person: Diane Lance
Phone Number: 403-854-4317
Parkinson Support Group
Project REACH
Box 1270
Contact Person: Misty Griffith
Phone Number: 403-854-4874
Mental Health Building Capacity for Gr. K-12
Support Services for Individual Client Endeavours
Box 134
Contact Person: Shaunna M Mohr
Phone Number: (403)882-2627
Support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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