Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Education & Employment

These community groups promote and provide learning and intellectual development from cradle to grave, from preschools through adult learning programs. They include resources and tools available for special needs, libraries, literacy programs, student organizations, and parent-teacher groups. 

Alberta Human Resources & Employment
Phone Number: (403)823-1616
Income support
Caregiver Education & Networking
Contact Person: Liana Berlando
Phone Number: (403)820-7959
Continuing Care Councillor
Family Resource Worker-JC Charyk
Box 1207
Phone Number: (403)854-4874
Counselling, support, referrals & prevention.
Golden Prairie Parent Link Centre-Hanna & Delia
401 McCrea Ave. 2nd Floor
Box 400
Three Hills,Alberta
Contact Person: Shauna McAfee
Phone Number: (403)857-9553
Website: Parent Link
FREE, fun interactive play programs, ASQ checklists and resources for families with children 0 to 6, Triple P and other parenting sessions to help with 0 to 12.
Hanna 4-H Club
c/o Box 776
Contact Person: Heather Pedersen
Phone Number: (403)854-2478
Website: 4H
4H Group
Hanna Literacy Program
Box 1255
Contact Person: Dana Williams
Phone Number: (403)854-2099
Family Literacy Help
Hanna Municipal Library
Box 878
Contact Person: Pam Mathieu
Phone Number: (403)854-3865
Website: Hanna Library
Public full service library; member of Marigold Library system
Hanna Rangeland 4-H Multi Club
Box 745
Contact Person: Blaine Nelner
Phone Number: (403)854-5872
4-H Club
Hanna Scouting Club
c/o Box 1688
Contact Person: Calista Nielsen
Phone Number: (403)854-4158
Crafts, games, outdoor activities
J.C. Charyk Hanna School
Box 1270
Contact Person: Audra Limpert, Principal
Phone Number: (403)854-4874
Grades K-12
JC Charyk School Council
Box 1270
Phone Number: (403)854-4874
Grades K-12 Home and School Association
Kiddies Korner Playschool
Box 597
Contact Person: Jenelle Wassel
Phone Number: (306) 717-4111
Playschool for 3 & 4 year olds
The Hanna Learning Centre
Box 1255
Contact Person: Doray Veno
Phone Number: (403)854-2099
Provide Life Long Learning Opportunities to the community
Welcome to Hanna
Box 430
Contact Person: Town of Hanna
Phone Number: (403)854-4433
Website: Town of Hanna
Drop by the Town Office and pick up your Hanna information package.

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