Monday, December 18, 2017
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Crisis, Addictions & Emergency
Alberta Health Services-Community Addiction & Mental Health
351-9 Street NW
Drumheller Health Centre
Contact Person: Gerry Mancini
Phone Number: (403)820-7863
Prevention, education & development addiction free lifestyle.
Alcoholics Anonymous-Chimes of Freedom Group
Contact Person: Sean
Phone Number: (403) 854-1221
alcohol support group
Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter
Phone Number: (888)346-5643
Womens Emergency Shelter
Community Crisis Society Crisis Line
Phone Number: (877)934-6634
Counselling and Support
DEMSA (Dryland Emergency Medical Services Association)
c/o Site 1, Box 7
Contact Person: Betty Landis
Phone Number: (403)779-2431
Volunteer EMR in area to aid ambulance service.
Hanna Firefighters Association
Box 1235
Contact Person: David Mohl
Phone Number: (403)854-3396
Volunteer Fire Fighters
Hanna Health Care (Hospital)
Box 730
Contact Person: Sandy Rubbelke
Phone Number: (403)854-3331
Hospital Care
Mental Health Help Line
Phone Number: (877)303-2642
Mental Health Help Line
Poison Centre
Phone Number: (800)332-1414
Poison Centre

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