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Development in Hanna has been relatively healthy in Hanna in recent years. Development permits issued between 2004 and 2005 grew by 39% and tripled between 2003 and 2005.

Development Permits as of April 2006 were $1.35M and one year later, April 2007 are $2.305M.

Permit value growth was fuelled by several commercial developments as well as recreational projects as listed in the table below.

The Special Areas development permits peaked in 2004 at $12.6 million. 2006 permits were valued at $11.5 million, 2007 permits were $4.97 million and 2008 permits increased to $6.14 million.

Value of Development Permits Issued by Year   
Largest Projects in Hanna as of September 2007   
Company Name Description


Hanna Motor Products New Commercial Building


     Completed 2007
Hanna Municipal Golf Course 9-Hole Addition


     Completed 2007
Kittler Construction Commercial Building


     Completed 2007
Ell & Anderson Chartered Accountants Office Complex 


     Completed 2007
Fluid Experts New Commercial Building 


     Completed 2006
Super A Foods Commercial Addition


     Completed 2007
Town of Hanna CN Station Relocation


     Under Construction
Hanna Chrysler Commercial Addition


     Completed 2007
Greenslades Disposal Commercial Addition 


Kittler Construction Accessory Building 


     Under Construction
Ledcor Accessory Building 


     Completed 2007
David Thompson Health Region Extended Living Renovations 


     Completed 2007
Store With Moore New Commercial Building


     Under Construction
ATB Financial Commercial Addition


     Completed 2007

Business Opportunities
Other business opportunities are highlighted for the
Palliser Economic Partnership Region, of which Hanna is a part.  

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