Thursday, April 25, 2019
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April is Child Fire Safety Month

1. Develop a home fire escape plan
      *Plan two ways out of every room
      *Plan a safe way to the ground from a second storey or higher.
      *Make sure your family knows your meeting place outside your home.
      *Teach children not to hide when they hear the smoke alarm, but to start the escape plan.
      *Remind children never to go back inside until a parent or firefighter says it's "SAFE".

2. Conduct a home fire drill
      *Practise your plan your plan by having home fire drill at least twice a year.
      *Children must practise using both exits.
      *If the room is filled with smoke, teach children to crawl to the nearest exit.

3. Teach your children not to play with matches and lighters
      *Teach children to tell a grown-up when they find matches and lighters.
      *Keep matches, lighters and other smoking materials high on a shelf or in a locked cupboard.