Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Storefront Improvement Program

For those businesses located within the boundaries of the Town of Hanna.

Storefront Improvement Program 

The Town of Hanna has developed a Storefront Improvement Incentive Program (SIIP) for those businesses located within the boundaries of the Town of Hanna. This incentive program is intended to assist property owners and business tenants to enhance storefronts within the corporate limits of the Town of Hanna.

The program is managed and administered by the Business & Communications Department. The Storefront Improvement Incentive Program provides funding for up to 50% of the eligible works up to a maximum of:
• $3,000.00 per commercial property;
• $5,000.00 for a corner lot commercial property (two street facing facades);
• $5,000.00 for a commercial building with 4 or more storefronts, or large commercial enterprises that are of similar size to that of 4 or more storefronts.

*Note that new construction, national franchises, government buildings, residences, churches or other religious institutions are not eligible. An independent owner of a national franchise may be eligible.

The following is a list of objectives that outline the purpose of the program:
• To assist commercial property and business owners with improvements to their buildings/storefronts to create a more vibrant and attractive business corridor and downtown area;
• To encourage the economic vitality of the business corridor and downtown area in all seasons;
• To create an attractive image of the Town of Hanna that reflects the character and culture of the community; and
• To reinforce commercial areas within the business corridor and downtown area as places to shop and do business to support long-term sustainability.

Eligible improvements include:
• Repainting, cleaning or restoration of facades
• Replacement or restoration of cornices, eaves, parapets and other architectural features
• Replacement of windows
• Entranceway modifications that improve the appearance and/or access to the commercial units.
• Redesign and reconstruction of the store front
• Installation of appropriate new signage or improvements to existing signage.
• Installation of canopies and/or awnings
• Installation of exterior lighting
• Restoration of historic features
• Construct entrances for barrier free access for patrons with mobility impairments

pdfDownload and View the program criteria and application.